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Carpets can turn a house into a home. People buy carpets because they keep their feet warm during winter. And nothing can beat a carpet’s softness when people walk around bare-foot on it. People can lie down next to a heater or fireplace and read a book. It is also quite comfortable for kids to make pillow forts.

Carpets are a long-time purchase; hence they should be properly maintained. Here are few tips to keep your carpet in pristine condition.


Lint roller

No matter how hard people try to vacuum their carpets, there are always few crumbs and hairs that vacuum cleaners can’t handle. This is a common issue every carpet owner has to deal with. This is among some of the major problems that need a solution. According to some of the most famous carpet cleaning tips, the solution is a lint roller. You can apply it in the problematic areas and put some elbow grease to collect all the stubborn particles. It will hardly consume 5 minutes of your precious time. If the issue is serious, you should always contact a professional cleaner in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.



Pet hairs can be notoriously difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner. And to clean the whole surface area, even the lint rollers won’t be of any help. Some pets can shed a lot of hair. If the carpet gets filled with short hair, then opting for squeegee is the best option. Squeegee was initially intended for windows. Its design is made to dislodge gunk, frost, and other substances that form a thin layer and stick to the surface. Carpet-owners need to water the squeegee and use it on their carpets. However, carpet owners are always suggested to visit a professional if they can’t lay their hands on a squeegee.



Stains can test the willpower and intelligence of carpet-owners. Removing them is a huge issue. You can vacuum the stained area to get rid of hard particles initially. You can treat the spots with a mixture of water and vinegar with a ratio of 3:1. Apply this mixture and let it work its way into a stained textile. Within the next five minutes, place a towel on the stained area and apply a heated iron. The pressure and heat will transfer the heat into the towel. If it is a huge stain, then carpet-owners should contact a professional carpet cleaner immediately. Dark stains can be of grave concern, don’t take them easily. A proper cleaning solution can be the only way out.

Like everybody else, Carpet-owners can also plan to relocate or get prepared for an occasion. Such events can increase the footfall on the carpet. Owners can minimize their damage by wearing a pair of shoe caps. These caps will blunt out the imprints from the boots and stilettos. It also keeps people from tracking too much dirt into the house. Prevention is just as important as maintenance. A little bit of foresight can make things easy for you.

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