Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Carpet Steam Cleaning Service in Apple Valley

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There are so many exchanges of views on dry carpet cleaning vs carpet steam cleaning (or steam extraction cleaning) constantly rages among consumers and carpet cleaning professionals. It started from blowing capability, drying time, to water usage- everything is just some underlying issues of this debate. Let’s have a depth look into these two mentioned methods to clear up the confusion.

Dry carpet cleaning

The dry cleaning process is a type of carpet cleaning procedure that comprises collecting different products and techniques with minimum water usage. Two basic categories fall under the dry cleaning of the carpet.

  1. Absorbent dry carpet cleaning
  2.  VLM or Very low moisture carpet cleaning

The driest way to clean carpets is absorbent dry cleaning. The absorbent dry cleaning compounds contain detergent or solvents that cleaning professionals sprinkle on the rug. After 30 minutes of sojourn time to let the chemicals do their chore, the compounds dissolve the oily film on the carpet fibers, allowing them to be vacuumed out along with those mixtures. In this entire process, no water component is used. Thus drying time is not an issue at all. In commercial establishments with high traffic areas, the absorbent dry cleaning method is generally popular, which needs to clean and dry quickly. Although they deliver satisfactory results but an even deep cleaning is ultimately required.

Very low moisture carpet cleaning

VLM or Very low moisture carpet cleaning is another cleansing method in which generally sort of absorbent material goes, combined with a slight amount of water. However, every company has an individual yet unique product or solution. Then professional person spread the diluted solvent all over the carpet area and ruffled the carpet into a machine. The method then undergoes another process called encapsulation, where the oil and dirt of the carpet get attached to the material and then dries on its own. Lastly, the person vacuumed up the rugs and get dry within 1-2 hours. Eventually, some companies use organic products to wash and dry the carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is still the ‘king of the hill’ in the market for deep and high-pitched carpet cleaning. Firstly, a solution is prepared by combining water and steam carpet cleaner agents and then imposed to the carper under hefty pressure and immediately vacuumed out the carpet. The process is hard to beat by any.

However, the choice of both forms of cleaning of the carpet is not that easy to provide. As the array of products and equipment keeps getting bigger day by day, the customer becomes more demanding with the cleaning process. The professional carpet cleaning companies offer both of the services following by their techniques, tools, and products to reach customer’s needs. The expert hands have efficient knowledge and the ability to provide the most satisfactory cleaning and maintenance services all around the  Apple Valley, MN.

Though the people rely on specialists for carpet and rug cleaning, it always significant to grab on sufficient knowledge on the service that is going to hire. Nevertheless, it always helps to understand the service process in a better way.


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