Professional Carpet Cleaning in Burnsville MN – A Complete Guide

There’s a lot going on in your carpets. If you live in Burnsville, MN, your carpets absorb dirt like a sponge without you noticing it. Naturally, dirt particles permanently land in the pile and move down to the base fabric. Over time, dust and other dirt collect, along with all the bacteria and viruses that are bad for your health.

Carpets can be a great eye-catcher and brings a warm, cozy feeling to your home. But even when it feels all good under your feet, it’s much more difficult to remove dirt from carpets compared to laminate or tiles.

When you vacuum, it only cleans the top layer of the pile. Similarly, removing stains with home remedies doesn’t work either. You don’t penetrate the carpet floor with these products. Only with professional truck mounted equipment can you achieve a thorough and deep carpet cleaning.

The best and the most convenient solution is to leave the care of your carpets to the expert carpet cleaners in Burnsville, MN.

Professional carpet cleaning in Burnsville, MN and the surrounding area

As a professional cleaning company based in Burnsville, MN, we offer this service to both private individuals and offices. Feel free to contact us if your carpet in your home or office needs cleaning. In addition, you can order a professional upholstery cleaning from us. Dirty carpets are a big problem for offices because street shoes often carry a lot of dirt into the rooms. Regularly cleaning your carpets does not only make the workplace more pleasant for your employees, but also offers them a healthier environment. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this is more important than ever.

Can I clean my carpets at home?

Cleaning your carpets at home yourself may seem like a good option to save some cash, you might find yourself spending more time and effort on it than you should. Besides, with the permanent stains on the carpet, you can’t avoid getting a professional carpet cleaning service. If you decide to treat yourself with a carpet cleaner, always try it first on a less evident area of the carpet. It is also helpful if you know the material the carpet.

Clean carpet with Home Remedies

Salt is a good first aid measure for all stains. It works wonders especially against red wine stains. Sprinkle on the stain from the outside in. The grains absorb the liquid and can simply be vacuumed off. If it is already too late for first aid, the following home remedies can still help:

Clean carpet with baking soda

Soda helps with the removal of small stains as well as the basic cleaning of the entire carpet. A good alternative is baking soda because it also contains sodium bicarbonate. Simply sprinkle the powder on the stain and pour warm water over it. This opens the pores of the fibers. After a few hours of exposure, dab the stain gently.

Clean carpet with Soda

Like baking soda, soda is a carbonate based on sodium. The effect is therefore similar. Dip a cloth in liquid soda and carefully dab the stain with it. Allow to take effect and wash out with water.

Clean carpet with Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is often recommended as a replacement for carpet foam. However, it must not contain menthol or dyes. Also, you must gently massage in the shaving cream with a brush. Simply spraying it on the spot, as you see in the videos on the Internet, does not help.  Be careful with this one!

Clean carpet with Steam Cleaner

Professional steam cleaning is what we do, but home steam cleaning machines that are often recommended for carpet cleaning usually have mixed results. The temperature of the devices is often so high that the stains get burned into the carpet. Be sure to lower the temperature on the steam cleaner beforehand.

Practical tip: Household items such as vinegar water and lemon juice help with dried stains, but have a bleaching effect and you should only use them on light carpets.

Your professional upholstery cleaner in Burnsville, MN

Spills, drinks, and snacks or meals can easily stain armchairs, sofas, and other furniture with fabric covers. If you remove them yourself, it can even worsen the problem because upholstered furniture now uses covers made from a wide variety of textiles. Accordingly, an upholstery cleaner that performs well on one piece of furniture can do great damage on another. Therefore, it is better to put it in the hands of professionals who have the appropriate experience and are very familiar with the many different methods and types of carpets. We at Bloomington Carpet Cleaners have been offering this service for many years and know how to best clean the different fabrics. Our upholstery cleaning service also offers great care for your armchair and the couch. It not only makes the furniture shine like new, but also increases its lifespan.

How to find the right carpet cleaning professional in Burnsville, MN

There are many people who are simply not good at carpet cleaning or simply do not have the time, energy or interest to do this annoying task. Fortunately for them, there are professional carpet cleaning companies in Burnsville that you can hire to do the job for you.

The problem is that there are tons of carpet cleaning companies in the twin cities and the surrounding areas, and many of them can be amateurs. This makes it very difficult to pick one, as there is a good chance that you will choose the wrong carpet cleaner for the job. Not all cleaners are the same in terms of the service and results they offer, which is why choosing the best is important.

Are you looking for a carpet cleaner but are currently struggling to find the right one?  Now, here are some useful tips you can try to find the right carpet cleaner for you.

Ask Friends and Family

If you need advice on which carpet cleaners are good and which ones you should stay away from, here is a way to get information from your friends and family. Try asking them which cleaning company they used and whether or not they recommend it to you.

This way you have some background information about potential candidates that can help you narrow your search. At Bloomington Carpet Cleaning, we get several clients in Burnsville who ask for our services because of their friends’ recommendations, and this option suits them well. You can also always go on google and research reviews too – make sure to check us out!


Ask Reputable Businesses

Another tip you can use to find the right carpet cleaner is to ask some local companies what service they are using. Since we work with many businesses, we know that the reputable companies only hire good carpet cleaners. So, if you can find out which company they are using, you can give it a try. Also check the area around the business office as this can be used as a barometer of the results that these carpet cleaners can offer. Burnsville has a lot of companies that you could bounce this off of.

Search the Internet Forums

If you are internet savvy, logging into online home management forums is one way to find out which carpet cleaners are the best in your area. Technology has made it very easy for people across Burnsville and the surrounding area to share their comments and feedback so that homeowners like you can use them to help them find the right cleaning supplies. You can certainly find some valuable information to help you search these forums and websites.

Why get Carpet Cleaning Service in Burnsville and other areas of the West Metro?

A professional carpet cleaning treatment will not only deep clean your carpets and upholstery, but also give it a brand-new look and makeover. A full carpet wash will give your carpet its original luminosity.

Given the climate in Burnsville, MN, we recommend that you get a professional carpet cleaning service at least twice a year, depending on the use. This increases the lifespan of your carpets, since it removes sharp-edged dirt particles are keeps the moths away.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning services, contact us now and enjoy the great offer that we’re running exclusively for people like you.

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