Should I Hire Home Carpet Cleaning to Avoid Coronavirus?

The world is fighting against the global pandemic of Covid-19, and everyone is taking sanitization measures to avoid exposure. But what about your carpets at home that are filled with bacterial load and contaminants? We are all spending most of our time at home, which can mean high exposure if your carpet is contaminated.  On average, we are being exposed 500% more to the microorganisms in our carpets and upholstery during this time.

You probably think that your carpets are clean because they have no visible stain, but the truth is that the bacteria and viruses, even if you don’t see them, are there.

According to recent research, coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to five days. For this reason, carpet cleaning and disinfection is highly recommended.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published guidelines for cleaning and disinfection to avoid COVID-19. These recommendations are extremely clear about disinfecting frequently touched surfaces regularly.

Public health institutes suggest that both businesses and households can follow simple recommendations: increase the cleaning frequency, use effective disinfectant products, clean surfaces and objects that are heavily touched, and have hand sanitizer available. But is it enough? Can coronavirus stick to your carpet surface or go deep into it?

Can there be coronavirus in my carpet?

We cannot answer this question conclusively due to the lack of research. Experts point out that the virus can be transmitted at least on smooth surfaces. However, the question of how long the virus can be active on objects is not answered clearly.

You will find statements that span a period of a few hours to 3 days. However, they all mention that it is only according to the current state of knowledge. These statements clearly show the uncertainty among the experts and they are reluctant to make a specific and binding statement.

Nonetheless, we do not want to panic – we just want to do everything we can to counteract the increased spread of the corona virus with the best options available. It is one of many possible measures to protect yourself and your family. Some wipe every door handle before touching it while the others don’t. Some wear a face mask, while others walk around without it. Everyone is free to protect themselves from the virus at their own discretion.

Reasons Why it is Important to Clean a Carpet

Keeping your carpets clean is essential for health and aesthetic reasons, and clean doesn’t just mean stain-free. There are many factors that can dirty a carpet and, to try to avoid greater evils, you must always keep it in impeccable form.

The first reason you should clean your carpet is to keep it free of microorganisms. During this part of the year, COVID-19 is probably the most pressing reason you can have. However, that’s not the only good reason to clean your carpets and upholstery. The bacteria find your carpet to be a really nice place to live, and so do fungi and mites. If you want to get rid of them, it is best to contact one of the professional carpet cleaning companies.

On the other hand, the office carpet cleaning service can help you avoid stains and other types of dirt from shoes. They litter your carpets continuously, even if you don’t know it.

Carpets trap dust with their fabrics. If this is not removed, it can deteriorate your carpet. You can quickly notice how it loses its color. If you want to avoid this, hiring a pro carpet cleaning company to do the job is the best resort.

Finally, dirty carpets have a lot to do with how your place smells. The habitants usually never notice that smell, but a guest or newcomer certainly get a sniff of it. It doesn’t really give a very good impression, even if you have done some special preparations for them. Rugs and carpets are made of fabric where odors can stay easily by permeating in this material. A good carpet cleaning service can help you get rid of bad odors in your house.

Why should you Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company in Eden Prairie MN?

Now that you know why it is important to clean a carpet, we are going to tell you the reasons why it is important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Many people clean their carpet using the vacuum cleaner. That is good as an everyday cleaning measure, but it is not enough. You need a deeper cleaning to remove microorganisms and odors from your carpet.

Very well! you have decided to wash your carpet by yourself with the tricks you have found on the Internet, but do you know if this way of doing it is compatible with your type of carpet? A professional cleaning service can guarantee that it will give the best treatment to your carpet.

The carpet cleaning with ammonia can be dangerous if not done correctly. The same goes for dry cleaning of carpets – a bad treatment can end up spoiling your carpet.

As you see, cleaning carpets yourself at home may not be the best idea. Are you worried about the price of carpet cleaning?

Forget worrying about researching carpet cleaning and save time and money by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company that doesn’t charge you crazy money for it. They will have all the necessary products and materials to carry out the cleaning.

We can help with a specialized Carpet Cleaning Service

We work dedicatedly for carpet and upholstery cleaning as its composition, size and decoration characteristics, requires specialized care. The carpet can be made of many materials, but it is important to care for its hygiene just like you do it for your clothes.

At Bloomington Carpet Cleaning, we advise that, depending on the use, you should get a professional carpet cleaning service at least twice every year. However, we currently recommend everyone to get their carpets and upholstery cleaned due to coronavirus situation. It is the only effective way to remove mites, bacteria, viruses and other organisms from the carpets you come in contact with every single day. It is an effective way to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment in your home.

If your carpet has stains from drinking, food, or animal waste, we suggest you avoid leaving it in that condition. The stain marks, if not timely attended, can get permanent. Treat them as soon as possible if you don’t want to lose the shiny and beautiful look of your carpet.

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