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  • How Holiday Carpet Cleaning can take the stress off

    19 Dec 2018 | Blog | admin

  • The Christmas and holiday season is all about having fun with your family and relatives, and we try our best to make the best impression. Making the right arrangements (and special arrangements on holidays) in your home shows how much you value your guests and visitors. Having clean carpets is one of those things and Christmas carpet cleaning should be on your list of things to do if you are hosting for the holidays. This is even more relevant if you have pets that shed on the carpet, or if you are one of those hosts who always strives to make their guests and relatives happy and make sure that they leave with the most pleasant and memorable experience about spending holidays at your place.


    Here are some of the most important reasons why getting a holiday carpet cleaning done by a professional will make these holidays even nicer and more fun for you and your relatives.

    Clean Indoors

    Cleaning your carpet by yourself can be done if you have the time. However, getting it cleaned by the professionals not only transform the appearance of your carpets, but it also helps to condition the carpet to improve its quality and increase its lifespan. We hate to admit, but in fact, the visitors and guests do notice everything when they step into your home, including your carpets! Your relatives might not mention it if you have filthy carpets, but they will appreciate and admire if you have clean carpets for the holidays. If you get the carpets cleaned, you influence their perception very positively. Without any hesitation, your relatives will fully enjoy their time with you and what they’re meant to do in the christmas season.

    Game it up!

    When there is a family get together, it’s game time! We all know how fun these games can be no matter how childish we all get while playing them. So, whether it’s a board game, “truth or dare” or just “bluff” that all your family members are playing, the last thing you want to worry about is the dirty carpet that you all are sitting on. Don’t let the dirty carpet get in your way when you’re having fun.

    Healthy Air

    In case you missed it, did you know that the air quality of your home can be as bad or a lot worse than the busy streets and roads just because of your carpet? If you’ve hired other carpet cleaning companies, there might be several chemicals in your carpet as well which can be toxic to our health. Since we are exposed to the carpet directly each day for a long period of time, these particles are so light that they easily float in thin air and get inhaled by us.


    The carpet is probably the single most important item in your home for which you need uncompromised cleaning and maintenance. If we study our carpet under a microscope it can tell a story, or maybe reveal that there are other creatures that are secretly living with you such as mice. Here are some other allergens commonly found in carpet.


    • Pest droppings
    • Dust mites
    • Dog and Cat dander


    Professional carpet cleaning services has an added advantage of deep cleaning, which is not quite possible if you do it by yourself. One good carpet cleaning appointment can pull out all these things that have been in there for years, leaving both your home and the air inside it clean and healthy.

    Save Time, Work Smart

    Carpet cleaning can be a highly tedious task, and it’s nothing like washing your car or dirty laundry in the washing machine. It requires you to invest a lot of effort and time. There are a lot of errands to complete and things to take care of during the holiday season, especially if you are having guests over. In this holiday season when you should be spending every moment enjoying with your family, relatives, and friends, it is better to let the professionals do their job. Think of all the things you can do with your time during this important part of the year that you will probably spend vacuuming or cleaning the carpet or a spot on it. That way you will also be able to give more time, focus and attention to your guests and relatives. It is hard to enjoy to the fullest if your embarrassed at the site of your carpet when you have company. Hiring a professional can save you time by having it done in single day.

    What about the Kids?

    Some of your relatives may have cute little babies. Babies tend to put anything and everything in their mouth. Moreover, when the babies crawl, their hands, knees, feet and other parts of the body comes directly into contact with the carpet that hundreds of dirty shoes have walked on and that is breeding dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. In case the baby gets seriously ill, the fun factor of the entire holiday season will go down the drain. Then it is not just about fun, it is also about you and your family’s health. Carpet Cleaning on Holidays will surely benefits you and your family.

    Improves aesthetics

    When you are the host, aesthetics matter and they are quite sensitively noticed by the guests. If there are stains and dust patches on your carpet here and there, or if a chewing gum is stuck somewhere on your carpet, people won’t say anything but they will notice it and it might come up in conversation on the ride home ☹

    Carpet Cleaning removes unpleasant smells

    If the carpet is not clean, it can lead to a smell in the entire room that would surely bother your visiting relatives and guests. The reason you might not notice it is that we are so used to it that we don’t feel it any longer. However, when the relatives stop over they can sense a stark difference and a strong odor. Ever noticed a characteristic, unpleasant smell when you visit other people’s homes and they don’t even know it? This is exactly how it is for your guests.