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  • Clean Carpets for the Holidays

  • Carpet cleaning during the winter months is often neglected by most homeowners and business owners. However, winter may be just the right time for getting your carpets cleaned. It is not just the Christmas time that demands everything to be in just the right condition, it is also about the time of exposure that we have the carpet that could be filled with dust or contaminated with several other things. In winters, people spend most of the time indoors which is because the exposure time is increased. It is important to keep in mind that we probably get in contact with our carpets every single day, just like we do with our clothes. However, the difference is that we use clean clothes every other day while we clean our carpets only once in a while.

    There are different kinds of carpet cleaning methods that are used by different professionals in the market. Here are some of the most commonly used methods.

    Carpet Shampooing

    Carpet shampooing is a relatively older carpet cleaning method that is still in use. Although it is an effective cleaning method, there are certain drawbacks that are covered by the newer cleaning technologies. This is effective for heavily dirty carpets. However, it can produce a lot of wet foam and it can take longer to dry.

    Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

    In this method, hot water is projected on the carpet surface with a high pressure. As a result, it agitates the fiber in the carpet and helps remove the dirt and other substances that are dissolved in high-temperature water.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning

    Among the most efficient, best and latest technologies in the market for carpet cleaning, the dry carpet cleaning has received a great popularity and attraction. The technique is not only effective, but it is also convenient. Although it was developed around 40 years ago, with time there have been various improvements in the dry-cleaning methods. In this method, a rotating brush is attached to the motor in the machine that helps in deep cleaning from the surface to the bottom.

    There are several reasons why cleaning your carpet regularly, more often and during the winter season can be beneficial to you, such as:

    Serves the actual purpose

    Carpeting is among the essentials of a furnished home or office. If the condition is bad and it doesn’t look good, it compromises the actual purpose of the carpet, which is to make your interior look good. It is better to have no carpet than to have an uncleaned carpet.

    Longer life

    Cleaning your carpet regularly can increase the life of the carpet, saving you from spending more money in a longer run. Also, the longer the stains, dirt, dust and other things rest inside your carpet, the more difficult it gets to remove it entirely. It would not just damage the looks of it, but also damage the quality until its impossible to clean it.

    Keeps the air clean

    Remember that it is not just our shoe feet that are in constant contact with the carpet, it is also our mouths, noses, and lungs. If the carpet in our interior is not clean, it would surely affect the indoor air quality. This is bad for your health in a number of ways.


    A cleaner carpet improves the overall ambiance of the interior in several ways. Research indicates that these little things in the ambiance of a room can have an impact on a person’s psychology as well as mood. Looking at stains and spots on your dirty or damaged carpet can be an everyday stressor to some extent. So, if you want to feel like home in your home and keep your mood elevated, cleaning your carpets will assist you.

    Keeps Bacteria and pathogens away

    If your carpet is not clean, it is certainly filled with trillions of microorganisms, such as bacteria, allergens, disease-causing pathogens, and the dust mites.    This can be a great risk to your overall health.

    Apart from these benefits, cleaning the carpets in winter is especially important. Here are some of the important benefits of cleaning the carpets in winter.

    Drying is faster

    In winters the humidity is low and in most regions winters are the driest season. Faster drying is always better when it comes to cleaning.


    You can save up on a good sum of money if you go for carpet cleaning during winter. During this season the technicians and providers offer cost-effective discounts in their offers.

    Easy appointment

    Since the winter season is an offseason you can easily get an appointment according to your convenience. Unlike summer or springtime when the slots are filled, in winters you will not have to wait for weeks for the technicians to come. Carpet cleaners have an extremely busy schedule during the summer and springtime. Winter appointments are your best bet for the most suitable booking.

    Getting your carpets cleaned is only one side of the story. Keeping the carpets clean especially during the winter and Christmas season is another thing that you should care about. In winters and during Christmas there will be more guests and visitors who will come over. Although it is hardly noticed, it can greatly impact the condition of your carpets and its cleanliness. For maximum and optimum carpet caring, you can follow up with the two important aspects, 1) getting the carpets cleaned as the winters start for optimum aesthetics and appearance, and 2) once you are done with the carpet cleaning, take certain measures to ensure caring during the Christmas season. Here are some of the things you can do best in favor of your carpet.

    Use racks for footwear

    As simple as it may sound, just by keeping a shoe rack at the doorstep can be a clear indication for the guests to keep their shoes outside and out of your clean carpet. It is better as you will not need to ask them for keeping their shoes on the rack. This can really prevent an unnecessary staining of the carpet.

    Carpet flooring and sealing

    Getting your carpets to stain protected is another way to improve on your carpet caring approach. It does not only prevent your carpet from unnecessary damage, but it also makes your upcoming professional carpet cleaning appointment much more efficient and productive.

    Using mats

    Using the floor mats can help the family members and the guests to rub off their dirty shoes before entering the carpeted room. It can cut down on most of the dirt that can be potentially carried in.

    Regular vacuum cleaning

    Keeping your carpets clean by vacuuming regularly prevents the build-up of dirt inside it. It can also present the dirt from getting deeper inside the carpet, which can prevent the damage and difficulties with cleaning the dirt that reaches the bottom of the carpet.

    Christmas tree caring

    Keeping good care of your Christmas tree by watering it properly and keeping it hydrated can stop them from shedding needles. This can prevent tearing and abrasion of your carpets in a longer run.

    Must avoid stain removers

    There are a number of carpet stain removers available in the carpet and the market gets busy during the Christmas season. These stains removers are not effective and they can further damage your carpet. There are various chemicals in the stain removers that can ruin the color of the carpet or even damage the material.


    Carpet cleaning can be easily ignored and postponed. However, it does more harm than just damaging your carpet and aesthetics. It can reduce the carpet’s lifespan and also impact your health in various ways. Getting your carpets cleaning during winter is a wise thing to do due to its various benefits.