• Beware the fine print.  Many companies will advertise low, low prices to get in the door then try to get you to pay more.  See below!

  • Dubious Carpet Cleaners will advertise a very cheap carpet cleaning price and use the old bait and switch (see video for a news special on this).  We are not going to tell you it will cost $25 to clean your carpets, but our carpet cleaning rates are a lot cheaper than the big companies or companies similar to the ones in this video when they tell you the ‘real price’.

    We pride ourselves on being honest with people.  This is also often the case with groupon specials.  You buy the $99 carpet cleaning special for 2 rooms and when the carpet cleaners show up they ‘inspect’ your carpets, give you a line about how you need pre-treatment or other stuff, and then triple the price on you.  This happens a lot!

    See the video for how our competition advertising carpet cleaning for next to nothing does it!