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  • Carpet Cleaning Bait & Switch | Don't fall for it

    15 Apr 2019 | Blog | admin
  • Beware the fine print.  Many companies will advertise low, low prices to get in the door then try to get you to pay more.  See below!

  • Don’t fall for old bait and switch

    Dubious Carpet Cleaners will advertise a very cheap carpet cleaning price and use the old bait / switch (see video for a news special on this).  We are not going to tell you it will cost $25 to clean your carpets, but our carpet cleaning rates are a lot cheaper than the big companies or companies similar to the ones in this video when they tell you the ‘real price’. Don’t fall for cheap rates, old bait / switch.

    We pride ourselves on being honest with people.  This is also often the case with group on specials.  You buy the $99 carpet cleaning special for 2 rooms and when the carpet cleaners show up they ‘inspect’ your carpets, give you a line about how you need pre-treatment or other stuff, and then triple the price on you.  This happens a lot!

    See the video for how our competition advertising carpet cleaning for next to nothing does it!