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Cleaning hotel carpets can be a challenge. Before attempting to improve the appearance, special cleaning procedures often need to be considered. Unqualified or insufficiently trained people usually try to clean some carpet parts with a “simple” ready-to-use material.

In most cases, this solidifies a stain – and sometimes, it even becomes permanent. Then it becomes costly to repair. So if you work in a hotel and discover a stain somewhere on a carpet, be careful and do not just use any cleaning product.

This blog will give you helpful information to avoid such mistakes. But before that, let’s see why hotels use carpets in the first place.

Why Are Carpets a Must?

This is what happens when we do not use carpets in hotels or at home:

  • Hotels become noisier: rooms with bare floors feel like echo chambers where every little noise is amplified to an uncomfortable level.
  • Floors become slippery: slips and falls are among the most common indoor injuries.
  • We get bored with decorations: Using the same decorations year after year creates a boring environment.

Let’s get back to our topic: how to clean these carpets.

What’s the Difference Between Spot & Stain?

Spilled liquids can quickly become a spot or a stain if not quickly removed. A spot is usually separate material on the surface of the carpet fibers that you can generally remove. On the other hand, a stain adds color to the carpet fiber. This is in the form of a dye or pigment. And it is more difficult to remove than a spot.

Carpet Care: Maintenance Personnel & Management

When it comes to carpet care – stains or spots – it’s essential to make smart decisions right after taking over the management or installing new carpet in a luxury, convention center, motel, or boutique hotel. At the very least, the management team should adequately train the carpet care staff with the help of a carpet specialist. Sometimes you need professional carpet cleaners.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Cleaning Hotel Carpets

The cost of proper hotel carpet cleaning includes a carefully crafted maintenance plan that considers all aspects, such as:

  • LEED friendly equipment and cleaning solutions
  • Square footage of your carpet
  • Location of the carpet
  • Type of carpet and installation (permanently installed, glued or double-glued)
  • Frequency of cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning procedure

So if you need to clean your carpet, be careful. Either do it right or leave it to the professionals – the task isn’t as easy as it seems.

Bottom Line

With over 30 years of unparalleled experience, Bloomington Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company. You can count on the best carpet cleaning services in Bloomington, MN, and the Twin Cities. Just contact us and let us do the work for you.

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