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Minnetonka Carpet and Upholstery know that the carpet cleaning procedure can be downright prim and messy, depending upon the type of carpet you own. Talking about difficulty, then it also depends on the expertise and understanding of the person who is about to clean the carpet. Nobody aches to buy a new carpet or rug, which is unquestionably costly because of an experiment that ruined the old one. Here you will get remarkable carpet cleaning tips that will serve you a great deal of time and hard-earned money.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning procedure of carpet involves chemical solvents instead of water for cleaning purposes. Due to the chemical application, it takes less amount of effort to clean. This type of cleaning process is more manageable in comparison to water-based cleaning. But, in the long run, using chemical solvent will shorten the carpet’s lifespan by damaging the carpet fabric since the chemical is very harsh and robust on the fabric.


Vacuuming is an essential process and useful carpet cleaning tip for every household. One needs to vacuum the carpets at least once a week, and if the carpeted area faces most of the heavy traffic in the place, it is advisable to clean twice a week. You will be happy to know that periodic vacuuming can lengthen the lifespan of your carpet’s fabric by lessening the sharp and damaging particle build-up that tends to cut the entire textile. Make vacuuming a habit that you will never regret doing.

Divide the Vacuum Process

If you have a wide carpeted area, clearly divide the room into 4-quarters by which you can thoroughly clean each quarter before moving to the next one. This process will save a lot of time and electricity and probably increase the carpet’s life span.

Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaner is the type of carpet cleaning method involving hot or steam water to wash. In this method, heat is used to remove the dirt and stains since it can clean and soften it up. Not only hot water, but it also involves different solutions to make it work accurately. Steam cleaning is associated with detergent-based solutions instead of using soaps.

Stain Removing (Household Process)

Stain removing methods vary from brushing, washing, cutting fabrics, moistening, and applying specific cleaning products. Firstly, you have to use some water and then rub it off; as water does not contain any chemical solution, it softens the stains to remove them handily. When you are cleaning those heavy carpets, the neutral pH level of water goes friendly with the rugs. If only the water component isn’t working well, a little vinegar diluted with water is advisable to use. You can also use mild cleaning products for your carpet or pick up green carpet cleaning products in Minnetonka, MN. So, the carpet does not get damaged and leads you to replace the existing one.

If one can follow these tips, they can assuredly save a lot of his/her hard-earned money plus time. And if still not cleaned properly, then asking for professional cleaner’s help is advisable.

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