Misconceptions about carpet cleaning in Plymouth, Minnesota

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There are a lot of misconceptions about carpet cleaning that we have heard over the years. Despite the advancement of modern technology, there are some popular myths that people still believe in that simply aren’t true. They are no more applicable today in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Waiting for some time before cleaning a carpet. The more it is cleaned, the quicker it gets dirty.

This is not true at all. Dirt is an abrasive compound, and it can cause a huge amount of damage to a carpet. A dirty carpet needs to be cleaned as soon as possible. Only vacuuming will not help keep a carpet free from grease and fine grains, and these particles can contribute to wearing out all the carpets. So, homeowners should rush for commercial cleaning if their carpet is filled with dirt.

Only clean a carpet when it looks dirty.

People clean their clothes after they have worn them once, even if it looks clean. The same goes for carpet. Our hair, skin, clothes, and shoes are filled with pollen, fungi, bacteria, and other pollutants. Homeowners transport these pollutants from outside. And they end up on the carpet later. These pollutants can be the main reason behind allergies and breathing difficulties. Hence, homeowners must clean their carpet whenever it gets dirty.

All carpet cleaning methods have the same result.

There are two primary methods of cleaning a carpet. They are dry cleaning and hot water extraction.

  • In dry cleaning, initially, carpets are shampooed with dry foam and allowed to dry. After that, it is vacuumed to remove the foam and any adhered dirt. Unlike the old fashioned method, this method is more effective, and it doesn’t leave a soil attracting residue in the carpet.
  • There is another method, known as the dry chemical method. It is very similar to the former one. In this method, a rotary machine is fitted with a cloth to rub the carpet and absorb the dirt. It is almost equivalent to using a spot cleaner and a towel but on a larger scale. But this method sometimes fails to achieve a deep clean and can also cause damage to carpet fibers.
  • While the dry compound method spreads an absorbent compound, the absorbent is brushed into the carpet fibers. The compound can absorb the dirt into the mixture. This method is also known as the Host dry carpet cleaning system. And it is recommended across Plymouth, MN. This dry cleaning method is adequate for cleaning lightly spoiled carpet. Carpet owners should call a professional cleaning service to get this job done.
  • In the process of hot water extraction, a hot water cleaning solution is highly pressured. It is later extracted from the carpet fibers with the help of a powerful machine. This procedure can penetrate every fiber and extract almost all the moisture along with soil and residues. Some of the largest carpet manufacturing companies recommend hot water extraction for office cleaning. This method will never cause any damage to the carpet. Washing and rinsing carpets with hot water are considered to be the most effective way of cleaning.


Laundry and washing is a very important part of human’s life. People wash all the clothes that they wear. They also wash the dishes they eat on. Then why should they leave out their carpets? Carpet plays an important role in the home owner’s comfortability. Hence they should be cleaned whenever needed. But homeowners should avoid cleaners who are in-experienced and those who do not take pride in their work. They should only call accredited cleaning companies.

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