Professional Carpet Cleaning After Christmas in Eden Prairie, MN

The holiday season is over, and things have started to calm down in our homes. After all the traffic of people, gifts, meals and other celebrations, we’re left with our tired selves and an important task: Cleaning the entire house!

Cleaning the upholstery of the sofas and cleaning carpets or rugs is essential after this fun time of the year. The liquids we’ve spilled, the chocolate your guests’ kids rubbed on your white carpets, the dish that accidentally fell, and the kids jumping on your favorite armchair with dirty shoes on is enough to cause at least some ugly looking spots. You’ve tried removing them, but nothing works. Need help?

It’s common to see that the negligence of guests with furniture or carpets stained with juice, wine or oily food. If the family has children, the upholstered furniture can suffer from the creative impulse of these young artists. If you don’t act immediately, such spots can be difficult to remove. Especially for such cases, we offer several services to help you fix this.

Methods for cleaning carpets and upholstery

The selection of an appropriate cleaning method primarily depends on the type of surface we’re cleaning, and it’s expected effect. The two main cleaning methods are hot steam extraction cleaning.

Steam Extraction Cleaning

Extraction cleaning is a thorough washing of coatings, which the professionals can carry out periodically. This method is used in places with high traffic. It uses an extraction machine (extractor). They spray a special cleaning agent on the surface and then immediately remove the dissolved dirt.

Technology & How We Do It

  • Alert us of where we need to Remove local stains and other debris. It’s not necessary to vacuum the carpets the powerful Steam Carpet Cleaning Equipment works much better than a vacuum cleaner. The one thing is if you have a pet and there is a lot of pet hair it would benefit you to vacuum the carpets before cleaning.
  • Powerful Truck Mounted Equipment, this is not DIY and works much better!
  • Hot Steam Extraction gets everything out of your carpet, the only thing we’ve had issues with is nail polish!
  • Leave the surface to dry completely.
  • Optional Stain Protector keeps carpet looking great till next time and keeps new stains from setting.

Removing local stains

During the cleanings, stain removers in the spray are best used to remove local stains. They remove coffee, tea, wine, oily fruit and vegetable stains. When removing stains, we follow a certain methodology to get the best effect. Spray the dried stain with a stain remover, wait a few minutes and start cleaning. We recommend using a white soft cloth and cleaning the surface, soaking the stain in the direction outside from the center of the stain, rather than rubbing it. Repeat the action in case of heavy contamination. After drying, vacuum the surface thoroughly. Do not use this for cleaning surfaces intended for dry cleaning.

Carpets in private households or in the company can quickly become dirty and negatively affect hygiene and personal well-being. If you clean carpets irregularly, bacteria quickly accumulate and the color fades. We offer you our professional carpet cleaning service so that you have a hygienic and optically appealing carpet at home or at work. Our experienced cleaning staff professionally clean your carpets and restore their brand-new look.

Contact us with your concerns – we offer professional carpet cleaning services for your private household or your company.

Carpet cleaning for households

Carpets can get dirty quickly at home during Christmas season. Dust, stains, animal hair and other dirt accumulate and it’s often stubborn. To ensure that you can feel comfortable at home without worrying about hygiene, we offer carpet cleaning services for your home. With our special agents we can treat every carpet carefully and clean it spotless. Contact us with your concerns – our professional cleaning staff will take care of your carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning for companies

Many offices are carpeted and quickly become dirty during daily work, especially during Christmas celebrations. Dirt from outside, dust and coffee stains can be persistent, and it disturbs the atmosphere in the office. We clean your carpets regularly and professionally so that you and your employees can be in a hygienic workplace and feel good.

We offer professional carpet cleaning for your private household and your company. Contact us with your request and receive a non-binding offer for your carpet cleaning.

For the cleaning of sofas:

Bloomington Carpet Cleaning will not only perform the cleaning of sofas, but we’ll also disinfect them. It doesn’t matter whether the upholstery is leather or fabric. Our great knowledge in the sector allows us to perform cleaning and subsequent disinfection with the maximum guarantee of any material, always taking care of your sofa. All the cleaning products Bloomington Carpet Cleaning uses are completely safe.

For carpet cleaning:

If your carpet smells bad, our technicians will take care of that too – we have special products to eliminate odors from carpets.

Bloomington Carpet Cleaning professionals are trained to deal with virtually all stains, whatever the fabric of your carpet or the upholstery of your sofa. Call us today and request a no obligation quote. Once accepted, we’ll be on the go as soon as possible to start your year with clean carpets/rugs without mites, allergens, dust, dirt and stains! All our products are 100% ecological and safe for people and pets.

Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Eden Prairie, MN

Do you have an acute stain problem, or have you long wanted to have your carpet or carpet thoroughly cleaned? Bloomington Carpet Cleaning offers professional carpet cleaning across Eden Prairie, MN. With our all-round cleaning service, we are reliable at many locations for you to ensure that you are clean quickly, efficiently and at fair prices.

Whether after a crazy party, children making your house an adventure playground or a simple mishap in your own four walls: do not think twice about getting your carpet cleaned. Save time and effort – the Bloomington Carpet Cleaning professionals let almost every carpet shine in new splendor, whether it is shaggy, wool, oriental carpet or even upholstery!

To give your carpet the longest possible service life, our team of experts recommends professional cleaning approximately every year, since the fibers are heavily filled with dirt. Our professionals bring the fresh new look back to your home. We are ready to clean at any time – our stain professionals are also there for you in the evenings or on weekends.

Just call us for free and expect to make your house a little more amazing!

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