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Carpets and upholstery are widely used in homes and offices – it’s a great way to design interiors and keep your place well-furnished, but it also accumulates dust mites and allergens quickly. The professional carpet cleaning and daily care is something that many people neglect. As a result, your carpet accumulates more bacteria over time and starts becoming a health issue.

The most common reasons why carpet and upholstery cleaning are necessary include:


Carpet cleaning removes accumulated dirt (hair, breadcrumbs, stains, dust, etc.), which give your carpets a dirty and aged look. Having them cleaned can give a much more aesthetic look to the place.

Elimination of microbes:

Mites, fungi, bacteria, mold spores, viruses, etc. are eliminated by cleaning the carpets, preventing them from proliferating and causing allergies and asthma, since these invisible inhabitants seek dirt. If we add a humid climate or environment to this, your dirty carpet will be the ideal breeding ground for these little villains that can put your whole family at risk Young children and seniors are at high risk of getting sick, so if you have kids of seniors at home, it is recommended to ensure proper hygiene of carpet your carpets and upholstery in rooms.

Elimination of odors:

The different textures of the carpets tend to absorb all the odors that are in the environment. That’s why when you don’t clean these carpets for long, they begin to develop unpleasant odors. A deep cleaning by a professional can effectively prevent these odors.


The dust accumulated in the carpets makes them look dull and lose the intensity of the original colors. They also lose their softness due to the accumulated dust.


Over time your carpet can get stains that are not easy to remove – professional carpet cleaning at Bloomington is the best way to solve these issues.

We often think that simple vacuuming will clean our carpets. Unfortunately, this isn’t true – to make the carpet aesthetically and hygienically clean, we must perform regular professional cleaning because that’s the only way to deep clean stains and bacteria that collect over time.

How to know if a carpet needs professional cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning can remove all the dirt and stains from your carpets with guarantee – you can judge that from the brand new and fresh look of your carpets. It is also necessary that the carpet remains slightly wet, but never soggy – it must dry in less than 12 hours. Freshly cleaned carpets should smell good but not scented. You must feel that the air is cleaner after a good professional carpet cleaning and above all, when a rug is cleaned properly it stays clean longer.

Can a carpet cleaning company near me clean stains on my carpets?

This is where you need a lot of quality products and experience – we’re here to help you with that. We understand how the different stains are cleaned with different products. Our experience has taught us how if sometimes the cleaning is done in one step, sometimes it takes more patience. Some stains are difficult and it will take two or three steps with different products to finally eliminate a stubborn stain. We gently work on your carpets until we get the final results.

Who is the best carpet cleaning company near me?

Bloomington Carpet Cleaning relies on expert partners and experienced specialists in the field to clean your carpets in Eden Prairie, MN. Our partners are all handpicked and meet the highest standards of carpet cleaning expertise for the results that are always perfectly clear to all our loyal customers. For more information contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

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