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What is Smart Carpet Cleaning?

While carpet cleaning when done right is sure to remove stains, dirt, allergens, and improve the overall appearance of residential and commercial carpets, smart carpet cleaning, on the other hand, ensures that adequate measures are put in place to prevent carpet cleaning duties from polluting the environment.

When carpets are cleaned properly, they not only last longer, but are more appealing to the sight and pose fewer health threats to you and your kids compared to carpets that are poorly maintained. Ultimately, it is important to get the best professional advice on smart carpet cleaning equipment and techniques suitable for both home and office carpets on a regular basis.
There are several carpet cleaning techniques available today, however, it is beneficial to select environmentally friendly methods and products that will totally clean, brighten, and refresh your carpets. We are IICRC and Clean Trust #52339 certified for carpet cleaning. A few of these cleaning methods that result in better carpet cleaning are discussed.

Hot water extraction method

This method also known as steam cleaning, or hot water soil extraction, makes use of truck mounted machines which spray heated water with or without cleaning agents or chemicals on carpets. Professional carpet manufacturers highly recommend this method compared to other carpet cleaning techniques since it gives a deeper cleaning effect. We also have our awesome stain protector product to help repel dirt and stains once the carpets are clean. However, it is important to note that the steam produced during the process of cleaning is able to damage the fibers in most man-made carpets and affect its features due to heat. Also, carpets made from a natural fiber like the wool shrink, while other carpets made from Berber and velvet flake or become fuzzy. Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie and Bloomington Carpet Cleaning has an in depth knowledge of different kinds of carpet and can set temperatures for hot water extraction accordingly.

Encapsulation cleaning technique

Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie technicians suggest that during encapsulation cleaning the carpet is vacuumed first before applying the encapsulation chemical. This process is very similar to the bonnet method except that chemical is used instead of detergents. Just after vacuuming, the carpet is then placed inside a rotary machine allowing chemical applied to the carpet to completely separate the dirt from the carpet, after which the dirt is then vacuumed. This cycle is repeated each day until a weeks’ time. We do not recommend or use the encapsulation technique because it tends to leave chemical residue.

Professional Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Eden Prairie experts has an unique technique. In this technique, carpets are cleaned in boiling water usually temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Celsius. Some other machines may even permit temperatures of about 150 degrees Celsius. Therefore, making the cleaning power about 500% way more effective than ordinary hot water/steam extraction method. This is the way we do carpet cleaning, it is eco-friendly and leaves no residue.

However, caution must be observed when disposing of the wastewater gotten from carpet cleaning, as it may have oil, solvents, soap, dirt, or other highly toxic chemicals that drain into the waterways and become harmful to both plants and animals. Therefore, the disposal of wastewater from carpet cleaning is very vital. If the toxic wastewater gets into ditches or storm drains, it may contaminate the waterways such as lakes, ponds, rivers, and even creeks.

Waste management agencies should then enforce that carpet cleaning businesses adhere to regulations regarding proper wastewater disposal, and implement measures to ensure best management practices (BMPs) to keep toxic wastewater pollutants from getting into storm drains or ditches and contaminating clean water meant for plant and animal use.

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